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The health protocol applied in the hotel Sentido Port Royal Villas & Spa, is based on the accurate and full implementation of the official health protocols already issued, and of those expected to be issued by the competent Greek authorities. These protocols are implemented in the procedures of all services offered by the hotel to its guests.

The hotel’s management aims to the provision of high-level services to our guests and considers this to be of prime importance, by complying with the directives and the official hygiene regulations approved by the Greek government. The staff’s training on the implementation of the hygiene code has been conducted by an independent certifying body, approved by the Greek government.

The Management

The hotel’s Management has been trained and certified through procedures provided by the Hygiene Code for COVID-19 and has developed a specific action plan to deal with suspect case(s) of COVID-19, which will be readjusted after every new legislation or circular.

Communal Areas Cleaning Services

Every communal area of the hotel is regularly and sufficiently cleaned and disinfected by the competent cleaning staff, on a daily basis and throughout the day (6:30-24:00).

In many places of the premises you will find antiseptic gels or antiseptic disposal wipes.

The Staff

All the staff members of the hotel have been trained and certified by an independent body on the implementation of the health protocol for COVID-19.

The staff makes use of all the safety measures (gloves, masks) and complies with the hygiene directives (safety distances and regular disinfections in every operation they are involved).

The procedures of all services offered by the hotel’s staff are certified regarding their correctness and implementation with ISO 9001 and ISO 2200 (HACCP).

Wellness Spa, Hair Salons and Fitness Services

In our hotel all services of spa, hair salons and fitness are provided, with the exception of those of sauna and hammam,

whereas the use of the heated indoor swimming pool, showers and lockers in the changing rooms is not allowed.

The number of guests per room is controlled and it is not allowed to exceed the number prescribed by the official health protocols.

We comply with the hygiene regulation in all our services.

Check-in & Check-out Process

The check-in and check-out processes can be carried out quickly, by using no documents, but instead state-of-the-art electronic digital applications that are already installed in tablets, or by installing them easily and on-the-spot in the guests’ mobile phones.

The process is quick, safe, and within the framework of the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR).

The check-in and check-out operation hours are 15:00 – 11:00.

The guests’ transfer to their rooms is carried out by club cars, implementing accurately the directives of health protection and disinfection in each transfer.

Pool and Beach Services

In the areas of the pools and the beach the safety distances are implemented regarding the layout of the sunbeds, whereas the procedures of disinfection and cleaning are implemented in accordance with the provisions of the hygiene code. Specialised staff members are always present with the guests, throughout the operation of these areas.

Room Cleaning Services

The rooms are cleaned and disinfected before the guests’ arrival, by using not only appropriate detergents and disinfectants, but also the appropriate equipment, such as steam cleaners, whereas the rooms are sufficiently ventilated.

During our guests’ stay the cleaning room services are provided every second day and only in case of a guest’s request on a daily basis, always according to the official approved health protocol.

The amenities provided to our guests include an antiseptic gel, disposal masks, and antiseptic disposal wipes.

Our Guests

Our dear guests are kindly requested to follow the staff’s indications and comply with the safety distances (1,5 metres) between them, with the exception of chaperones and families, in accordance with the hygiene code.

In addition, in the framework of the hotel’s policy for the reduction of documents use, our guests are kindly requested to be informed on their accounts via email, or via the relevant application for smart phones within the premises of the hotel.

It is recommended that our guest use their credit or debit card for transactions within the premises of the hotel.

In the framework of the policy for the safety and health protection of our guests, the entrance in the hotel is not allowed to those who do not stay in the hotel.

Catering Services

In the catering establishments are implemented all the provided distances among tables and sittings, as well as the procedures of disinfection of every sitting.

Wherever buffets are served, the customer service is carried out per person by specialised staff members, by implying the hygiene code and providing high quality customer services.

In any other case, table service is offered.

The food and beverage menus are available in electronic form and can be access by the guests via a relevant application, which can be installed in the guest’s smart phones (recommended), or via a hotel’s tablet, which is disinfected before every use.

Antiseptic disposal wipes are available in every table, whereas antiseptic gels are available in many places in the communal catering establishments.

We Need Everyone’s Participation

The Management, the executives and the trained staff have designed and implemented all the necessary actions so that our guests can relax and enjoy their vacation with high-quality services and in a safe place, in terms of hygiene.

In case of any queries or questions, please address the hotel’s executives and the competent staff member will contact you promptly.

The success of our efforts relies on your understanding and your personal participation and support of our plan. It is clear that the success of our efforts will be your success, as well.

Help us comply with all the protection measures, by complying, on your part, with the hygiene regulations, with regular disinfection and by keeping the safety distances.

Our aim is to make sure you enjoy your vacation, and to keep you safe.

PCR & Rapid Test for Covid-19

Dear customers,

Port Royal Villas & Spa hotel cooperates with an o-site
certifed diagnostic center for the performance of
PCR & Rapid Test in the premises of the hotel.

For further information and appointments, please contact the reception.